Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mae Fairytale Sign

What is your Message?

There is a fun way @Mae Fairy Tale to talk and express your personal ideas!
Hold a wood sign and write your message, it will appears ^_^

✔ AO compatible

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mae Fairytale Refuge

Do you like fairies and read fairy tales?
You will enjoy spend some quiet time in this enchanted decor!
A magical scene low prim, only 27 with full sculpties.
Turn on midnight hours, light ambiance will help you read! ^^
Soft fireflies surround all refuge and butterflies turn around.
Cute lanterns with acorns spreading animated lights emission.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mae Butterfly Ring

Rings were missing to my jewels collection, here they are!
Sculpted and highly detailed,
this silver ring is the final enchanted touch for dressing.
Soft dust will be emitted if you like particles effect just say /1 on (or off).
Colorable version (menu driven) is on sale with a blue color one, cheaper.
You can have another tone for ★ FREE ★ the Snail Hunt below

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hunt Snail starts now!

Start location : here
Blog Hints : here

Good luck, i am only #58/85...^^'

Saturday, January 9, 2010

➨ Mae Gifts

➨ Gift for Friend

✔ For any request, drop Notecard and be clear.
If you need to offer a no transfer item from my store, i can gift in a box with your name to a friend.

➨ Gift for You

@Maeylan Market you can find Freebies & Gifts

✔ Lucky Chairs with Fantasy - Medieval - Gorean stuffs.
✔ Lucky Cupcake with Yummy - Neko - Fashion Prizes.
✔ Pumpkin Camp Chair with Fairy - Fantasy Prizes.
✔ Fortune Teller to win a great prize (secret).
✔ Treasure Chest with Free Lindens every day!
✔ Monthly Gift for SL Group + Subscrib-o-matic
✔ Freebies for Group Members, also for visitors.
✔ Xmas Gifts each day of December - Advent Calendar - Christmas decoration

➨ Mae FAQ

Ohoh here is an important post so read it carefully my dear customers!


✔ Due to IMs capped or sometimes rude ppl, for any request, drop Notecard, be clear and of course, polite. Say "Hi", say "Please", Say "Thanks" (optionnal but appreciated).
✔ Don't hesitate to contact me for any delivery issue (join Historic) or problem with purchase item.
✔ I can custom any item for a resize request or minor addition, no more commands (due to RL)
✖ If you touch any content of a scripted object, it is your responsability so no refund.
✖ Do not ask me to change permissions of any items on sale or bought, i never do that.
✔ If you have some hesitation to purchase an item cause it is boxed, if i am online i can show you the demo.
✔ I can help you with items on sale&bought only.
✖ NO request about my decoration, thanks.

*•. ♥ .•* Welcome *•. ♥ .•*

Finally i did it yes! Mae Fairy Tale Blog opening! ツ

Feel free to comment any posts incoming, this site is Yours!