Saturday, January 9, 2010

➨ Mae Gifts

➨ Gift for Friend

✔ For any request, drop Notecard and be clear.
If you need to offer a no transfer item from my store, i can gift in a box with your name to a friend.

➨ Gift for You

@Maeylan Market you can find Freebies & Gifts

✔ Lucky Chairs with Fantasy - Medieval - Gorean stuffs.
✔ Lucky Cupcake with Yummy - Neko - Fashion Prizes.
✔ Pumpkin Camp Chair with Fairy - Fantasy Prizes.
✔ Fortune Teller to win a great prize (secret).
✔ Treasure Chest with Free Lindens every day!
✔ Monthly Gift for SL Group + Subscrib-o-matic
✔ Freebies for Group Members, also for visitors.
✔ Xmas Gifts each day of December - Advent Calendar - Christmas decoration

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