Saturday, January 9, 2010

➨ Mae FAQ

Ohoh here is an important post so read it carefully my dear customers!


✔ Due to IMs capped or sometimes rude ppl, for any request, drop Notecard, be clear and of course, polite. Say "Hi", say "Please", Say "Thanks" (optionnal but appreciated).
✔ Don't hesitate to contact me for any delivery issue (join Historic) or problem with purchase item.
✔ I can custom any item for a resize request or minor addition, no more commands (due to RL)
✖ If you touch any content of a scripted object, it is your responsability so no refund.
✖ Do not ask me to change permissions of any items on sale or bought, i never do that.
✔ If you have some hesitation to purchase an item cause it is boxed, if i am online i can show you the demo.
✔ I can help you with items on sale&bought only.
✖ NO request about my decoration, thanks.

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